May 31, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes


Village of Barryton

May 31, 2017

Special Meeting Minutes

President James Soriano called the Village Council to order at 6:00pm

Pledge to the flag was cited

Roll Call: Donna McCoy-absent, Evelyn Jones-present, Stacy Dennis-present, James Soriano-present and Don Dennis-present

Don Dennis made a motion to set the millage rate at 10.1191, seconded by Evelyn Jones, roll call-all yeses Donna-absent motion passes

The above motion supersedes any and all other motion previously made in regards to the millage rate.

Evelyn Jones made a motion to adopt the resolution to roll over delinquent sewer, garbage, grass cutting and blight charges to the Village of Barryton’s 2017 tax roll, seconded by Stacy Dennis, roll call-all yeses Donna-absent, motion passes

Evelyn Jones made a motion to adopt the Village of Barryton Sidewalk Resolution, seconded by Stacy Dennis, roll call- all yeses, Donna-absent, Motion passes

The above mentioned Sidewalk Resolution is available at the Village office or online at

Public Hearings regarding a medical marihuana provisioning center in the Village of Barryton were set for June 21, 2017 and July 19, 2017 at the Fork Township Community Center at 6:30, ALL ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND

Letters were presented from several students of Barryton Elementary on how the Village could be improved as well as bring jobs to the community, council gladly read and welcomed the suggestions and responded to all of the students.

Pam Gilbert commented on her disappointment with the fact that we have to look to a provisioning center to provide us with financial security. Pam also thanked James Soriano for all of his help and hard work in getting the Barryton Elementary School to be rebuilt in its existing spot.


Stacy Dennis made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Evelyn Jones all ayes motion passes.

Adjourned at 7:08pm

Jennifer Lindsey-Village Clerk


“The Village of Barryton is an equal opportunity provider.”