Police Report June 2017


Chief John Bongard

94 Angel Avenue

P.O. Box 31

Barryton, MI 49305

(989) 382-7822 Fax (989) 382-5149

Email: barrytonpolice@gmail.com     Barryton Police on Facebook


Monthly Report:     
June 2017


May 2017 Stats

Parking Tickets Issued: 0
Traffic Stops: 23
Traffic Tickets Issued: 10
Verbal Warnings Issued: 18
Physical Arrests: 0
Appearance Tickets:       1
Complaints Handled: 51
Ordinance Violations: 23
Ordinance Citations:       8
Salvage Inspections:

16 Month /132 Year 2017

Total Complaints in 2017:



Concealed pistol courses are being offered on Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th, Sunday August 27th, Saturday September 9th and Sunday September 10th 2017.   Please contact Casey Nemeth at 546mcso@gmail.com or 231-250-7257 for more information on the classes or to be placed on the roster.

Lilac Festival – The department assisted with the Memorial Day parade as well as the Lilac Festival parade.  The department was staffed for the majority of the Lilac Festival and did not receive any complaints from the event.

On 6/1/2017 Mecosta County Deputies handled a suspicious complaint at 36 Arthur St in Barryton in which the back door was found to be open.  It didn’t appear that anything was missing from inside the residence as it has been vacant for quite a while however anyone with any information reference this incident is urged to contact MCSO or Barryton PD.

On 6/2/2017 Barryton PD handled a complaint on Angel Ave of someone throwing tires into the river.  This incident is still under investigation.  Anyone with information reference this incident is urged to contact Barryton PD.

On 6/3/2017 Barryton PD handled a B+E of a garage at 262 Norman St.  Numerous boxes of items were missing from inside the garage.  It is believed to have occurred on Monday May 22nd, 2017 in the late evening.  Anyone who witnessed anyone taking items out of the garage or suspicious activity is urged to contact Barryton PD.

On 6/5/2017 Mecosta County Deputies handled a vicious dog complaint on Haddix Blvd in which the dog chased a family on a golf cart before attacking the family’s dog.  The dog owner was found and cited for dog at large.  Barryton PD wants to remind all residents that their dogs must be leashed at all times in the Village of Barryton.

On 6/12/2017 Barryton PD handled an illegal dumping complaint at the Sunoco.  Barryton PD wants to remind residents that this is a crime and you can be charged with a misdemeanor.

On 6/13/2017 a resident on Park Place reported to Barryton PD that it appeared someone had been inside their residence as blinds which had been open were now shut and doors were now locked which hadn’t been.  Nothing appeared to be missing.  Barryton PD urges all residents to report any suspicious activity and to keep vehicles and residences locked when not at home.

Cigarette Scam – Barryton PD wants to notify Business owners and residents of a cigarette scam which has been hitting local areas including Big Rapids and Weidman.  Typically, it has been a black male subject who is asking for a small number of cartons of cigarettes and when the credit card doesn’t go through he wants you to manually enter the credit card which then works.  If you manually enter these they then attempt to purchase more cartons.  These subjects are using stolen credit card numbers on blank credit cards.

Fireworks Ordinance – No person shall ignite, discharge or use consumer fireworks in the Village; except this prohibition shall not preclude a person from igniting, discharging or using consumer fireworks within the Village of Barryton on the day preceding, the day of, or the day after a national holiday, consistent with the Act.  Low Impact Fireworks may be used on any day during the hours of NOON until 11:00 PM.

The Barryton Police Department would like to remind residents to call 911 when they need to file a complaint or report a crime and to report all suspicious activity.