October 03, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes


Village of Barryton
October 3, 2018
Special Meeting Minutes


President James Soriano called the Village Council to order at 6:00
Pledge to the flag was recited

Roll call: Stacy Dennis-present, James Soriano-present, Donna McCoy-present, Don Dennis-present, Evelyn Jones-present

President James Soriano read resignation letters from Clerk Michelle Kundrat, and Trainer Amy Soriano

Evelyn Jones made a motion, seconded by Donna McCoy to accept both resignations and to Mail Amy Soriano her last check, roll call-Don Dennis-yes, James Soriano-yes, Donna McCoy-yes, Stacy Dennis-yes, Evelyn Jones-yes, motion passes

Donna McCoy made a motion, seconded by Evelyn Jones to hire Melissa Lazzaro as the Village Clerk, roll call-Don Dennis-yes, Stacy Dennis-yes, Evelyn Jones-yes, James Soriano-yes, Donna McCoy-yes, motion passes

Michelle Kundrat swore in Melissa Lazzaro as Village Clerk

Evelyn Jones made a motion seconded by Don Dennis to pay Melissa Lazzaro $200 bi-weekly training pay until training is complete, roll call-James Soriano-yes, Evelyn Jones-yes, Stacy Dennis-yes, Donna McCoy-yes, Don Dennis-Yes, motion passes

Public Comment: none
Council Comment: none

Stacy Dennis made a motion seconded by Evelyn Jones to adjourn, all ayes, motion passes

Public in attendance: Kathryn Kerr, Cheryl Rettig, Gerry Horstman, Ken and Nancy Loll, Tom Brown
Melissa Lazzaro-Village Clerk

Adjourned at 6:20 pm


“The Village of Barryton is an equal opportunity provider.”