*Committee chairs are in bold print

**The President is a member of all committees

Labor: Evelyn Jones, James Soriano, Melissa Lazzaro and Harold Huff

Street and Sidewalks: James Soriano, Tom Brown, Sandy MacKersie, Kathryn Kerr and Evelyn Jones

Planning: James Soriano, Pam Gilbert, Roberta Hazen, Evelyn Jones, Amy Soriano, Kathryn Kerr and Gerry Horstman

Ordinance: Kathryn Kerr, Police Chief John Bongard, Gerry Horstman, Evelyn Jones and James Soriano

Audit: Don Dennis, James Soriano and Donna McCoy

Parks and Recreation: James Soriano, Tom Brown, Kathryn Kerr, Evelyn Jones and Renee Earle

Business Liaison and Economic Development: Kathryn Kerr, Melissa Lazzaro, Stacy Dennis, James Soriano, Renee Earle and Sandy MacKersie

Sewer Management: James Soriano, Evelyn Jones and Tom Brown

Dam: Tom Brown, Evelyn Jones, James Soriano, Kathryn Kerr and Don Dennis

Building and Zoning: James Soriano, Kathryn Kerr, Gerry Horstman and Tom Brown

Farmer’s Market: Renee Earle, James Soriano and Kathryn Kerr

Holiday and Events Committee: Kathryn Kerr, James Soriano, and Gerry Horstman.