January 29, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes

Village of Barryton

January 29, 2021

Special Meeting Minutes

President James Soriano called the Village Council to Order at 6:00 pm

Pledge to the Flag was recited

Roll Call: James Soriano-present, Evelyn Jones-present, Steve Mortensen-present, Kathryn Kerr-present, Donald Cole-present

Evelyn Jones made a motion seconded by Kathryn Kerr to extend the renewal date for 2 licenses, for M66 Group LLC to March 15, 2021, followed by an Ordinance change, roll call-all yeses, motion passes

No Public Comment

Council Comment: James Soriano apologized to Council for adding Tom Brown to the Menards Account, he was under the impression Tom was already on the account, it will be addressed at the February Meeting

Kathryn Kerr made a motion seconded by Evelyn Jones to adjourn, roll call-all ayes, motion passes

Adjourned at 6:25pm

Melissa Lazzaro-Village Clerk