October 27, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes

Village of Barryton

October 27, 2021

Special Meeting Minutes

President James Soriano called the Village Council to Order at 6:00 pm

Pledge to the Flag was recited

Roll Call: James Soriano-present, Evelyn Jones-present, Kathryn Kerr-present, Michelle Kundrat-present, Steven Hammond-present

Public Comment: The Village Attorney explained that the motion that was made on July 28, 2021 is not valid because the Village cannot hold a mortgage or land contract. Mr. Williams answered several questions from the audience.

Melissa Lazzaro read a proposal for the land from the M66 LLC Group

Michelle Kundrat made a motion seconded by Evelyn Jones to have James Soriano abstain from voting on all  legal matters concerning the M66 Group LLC, roll call-Steven Hammond-yes, Evelyn Jones-yes, Kathryn Kerr-no, James Soriano-abstain, Michelle Kundrat-yes, motion passes

Kathryn Kerr made a motion seconded by Steven Hammond to have Eric Williams continue negotiations with the lease proposed by the M66 Group LLC, including having time frames added into the lease, roll-call-Steven Hammond-yes, Kathryn Kerr-yes, Evelyn Jones-yes, Michelle Kundrat-yes, James Soriano-abstain, motion passes

Evelyn Jones made a motion seconded by Kathryn Kerr to proceed with having the tractor fixed at a cost of not more than $2,000, roll call-all yeses, motion passes

Public Comment: Todd Levitt introduced Mr. Komorn, he brought CannaJam to Ypsilanti, MI this past summer and would like to bring it to Barryton in the future.

Council Comment: James Soriano thought the meeting was very productive.

Kathryn Kerr made a motion seconded by Evelyn Jones to adjourn, roll call-all ayes, motion passes

Adjourned at 8:36 pm

Melissa Lazzaro-Village Clerk